Factory Defects

Our loss is your gain!  Factory defects on clearance, being sold "as is" 

Get yours while supplies last, only $19.99 for flats and $21.99 for wedges. 

The factory screwed up, but rather than send them back, we're taking a loss and offering our customers a killer deal!  Same great shoe, same material, the flaw is that the "factory defects" have an extra snap.  This does not affect the wearability of the shoe or the way the beaded sandal top fits, it just has that extra snap cover on it.  You can see the "snap cover" in the picture. 

The factory put the snap in the wrong spot, so we've capped the "extra snap" with a snap cover and put a snap in the right spot, so our interchangeable beaded sandal tops fit properly without over stretching them.  What a deal!  #cuteshoes  #interchangeableisin 


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